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In 2018, I began a painting that would be far larger than any I had previously attempted, and with no time limit for completion.  I did not know what the painting would be about.  Whilst walking in the countryside one day, I came across an old barn and thought this could be where Christ was born.  I thought I might paint a nativity scene but then came across a painting of the taking down of Christ from the cross, and decided this would be more interesting.

The figures began to emerge very loosely on the canvas.  

I liked them but they were going nowhere.  I become frustrated and graffitied the canvas
After that I felt liberated.  
The painting then became very dark
                              I used models for the characters in the painting, those who were at the scene at the time.  This model became Mary Magalene 

Gradually, the figures started to reappear on the canvas, and the final picture began to emerge.
The painting took me about 3 years to complete.  I tried not to compromise, sometimes it took me ages to get a face right.
Apologies for the images being sideways, I'm hopeless at IT!